Why You?


Why would you, a fitness professional, want a website? Marketing and Service. You need your own website for the image it projects to your potential client, as well as the information it can give to your existing clients. A GREAT website makes YOU available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week!  You will gain more new clients and retain more current clients because they are more informed and connected to you!  Let your website make a first impression, and inform current clients, without your time!


A personal website will market your business, your abilities and credentials, 24/7. You will show a professional image and credibility, as well as your credentials, success stories, and training philosophy to prospective clients, and it’s the website doing it! You save time letting your website do the talking! Your prospective clients are informed before even being in contact with you, as well as your current clients. For me, this is exciting, saving time. Fewer interruptions from what you probably really want to do, train clients.


Your website also communicates to your current clients. You can publish articles, send eNewletters, setup online training programs and personalized client programs through your website. The possibilities seem endless with the advent of heart rate monitors, GPS, and other fitness tools. You can monitor your clients workouts online.


Imagine not having a website. Would you think that trainer is professional, confident, experienced, dependable and respected? Probably not.


Even if you are employed at a club or studio, you should have your own personal website with your credentials, philosophies, success stories, articles and more.  It’s a full-color, interactive

resume and information tool available online, at all times, to prospective and current clients.   



      • Instant credibility. POWERFUL, PROFESSIONAL image 
      • Makes you stand out from your competition 
      • Allows you to provide clients with up-to-date information 
      • Recruits clients for you 24/7
      • Captures information about prospective clients - increase sales! 
      • Allows you to "Brand" yourself 
      • Customize with your own photos, success stories &  lots more
      • Update your information online, any time
      • Engage and retain more clients!
      • Puts you in control - no more expense or waiting to make updates & changes

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