Buyers guide



- With your own domain name

$31.90 billed by websitesfortrainers.com


- With a websitesfortrainers.com registered domain name:

$31.90 billed by websitesfortrainers.com

$20.38 billed by godaddy.com for a 2 year .com name registration


The initial cost for setting up a websitesfortrainers.com website is $19.95 setup fee, plus the first month’s fee of $11.95. In addition, if you do not have a domain name registered to use for your website, websitesfortrainers.com will register the domain name you choose during the website setup at Godaddy.com. The fee for a .com name is currently $20.38 for a two year registration. Other Top Level Domains are priced differently, a .info is $0.99, a .tv is $15.99, and a .us $8.99.


Included in the websitesfortrainers.com setup fee is:

- the website template you choose, including all initial functionality described on the ‘features’ page

- Your domain pointed to your websitesfortrainers.com website, and if you do not have a domain registered, your domain registered and a godaddy account.

- Your logo inserted into your header

- A change of the colors of the site background, the page background, the navbar background, or the navbar buttons.

- Free Customer Service




If you do not have a domain name you’d like to use, websitesfortrainers.com will register a domain name for you at Godaddy.com. You choose the domain name during the website setup process. You can check availability of domain names here at www.godaddy.com.


You can also register a domain name, and setup a domain control account, yourself prior to signup at websitesfortrainers.com. You can register a domain name at www.godaddy.com or another domain seller. We recommend godaddy.com.


You can use your existing domain name if you like. If you do, we will need to modify the DNS entry for your domain name through the domain control account. The ‘A record’ of the domain needs to be altered to:


With some domain control accounts, you will need to transfer your domain to godaddy.com to be able to setup the ‘A record’. This takes a few days usually, and needs to be processed by your current domain registrar and godaddy.com. We at websitesfortrainers.com will do this for you if you like.


Domain Renewals:

You will have your own domain control account at the domain registrar, and be responsible for renewing your domain name


Domain Control Account Usernames and Passwords:

At setup, and on other occasions, websitesfortrainers.com will need to make modifications to your domain name’s DNS entry. We need to know the location of your domain control account, the username and password. We keep this in a secure, encrypted file.



The Website Manager interface includes:

Page edit page to edit the meta keywords, meta description, title, and links of the page.

Link edit page to edit the navigation bar links


The website page editor:

The age editor Is a Toolbar interface, much like many microsoft applications have.

Click here for screen shots of the editor.


Editor functions:

    • insert image
    • insert flash
    • insert HTML table
    • HTML table properties
    • insert media (.avi, .mpeg)
    • insert/remove HTML hyperlink
    • insert special characters
    • insert document (.doc, .pdf, .xls)
    • find and replace
    • print
    • spelling check
    • cut, copy, paste, paste from MS Word
    • undo, redo
    • font type, size, color, bold, italic, underline
    • paragraph style
    • paragraph justify, indent, outdent
    • numbered or bullet list
    • insert rule
    • superscript, subscript
    • page color
    • page links
    • code sweeper
    • Help,  click here for the editor help screen


Free Customer Service



- Insert your logo into your header

- Change colors, page, navbar header, background

- Free Customer Service

- Port code with a

statement in it to Java Script

- insert code from a third party, such as Constant Contact (email), Google (ads), StatCounter.com (site stats), etc. that you are too novice at HTML to add yourself


Custom websites

- Change the navbar format

- Add custom forms

- Logo design

- Additional functionality



Glossary under construction