Why Us?


Why would you want a websitesfortrainers.com website? Our low fees and YOU can Do It Yourself! Add that to the features for personal trainers: an online store which pays YOU 10% for your client’s orders, a library of images for fitness websites, new client lead page, and more.


Compare Websitesfortrainers.com to Yahoo, Godaddy, iPower and other low cost hosting provider.


- These other hosting providers range from about $8 a month to $12 a month for basic website hosting, but with little or no customer service or customization included. For some, this is an introductory rate. They usually provide a website builder, but they do not provide any support for true individual sites, custom headers and layouts. You will need a programmer to change your site.


- Websitesfortrainers.com, for $11.95 a month, you get some customization included and for the small fee of $60 an hour, websitesfortrainers.com will customize your site further. You also get a website builder/editor and features tailored to the fitness professional.


Compare Websitesfortrainers.com to Custom Hosting sites


- Custom website providers are expensive, and to customize at the other hosts, you need a programmer. The setup fee is typically from $400 to $1000, and additional work is billed at $60 to $100+ an hour.


- Websitesfortrainers.com provides individualization and setup of your site for a $19.95 setup fee and we will do additional work at $60 an hour. And, of course, you get features for a fitness professional.


Best of all, you SAVE MONEY.  How?  Because when you want to post new client of the month photo, add a page for a special event, post a new article or success story, you won't be paying a programmer!  Just log in, click on the page you want to edit, and literally in a few minutes you're done!





     What makes WebsitesForTrainers the best choice:

  • Professionally designed website styles to choose from
  • Capture client sales leads online
  • Auto response email delivered to prospective clients
  • "New Client Lead" notification delivered to you by email
  • Customize your site anytime with do-it-yourself site edit capability
  • Your own web address for tee shirts, business cards and all marketing materials  - We can also transfer your existing domain
  • Add your own photos and graphics
  • Low monthly fee includes hosting and free support
  • Cancel anytime, there’s no contract
  • More features coming

Dear Fitness Professional,

Others charge up to $1000 to setup a website, and then more to change it! Others host at about the same low price, without the features tailored to a fitness professional. Websitesfortrainers.com is the best deal to host a site for a fitness professional.

Websitesfortrainers.com puts you in control of your website.  Many of you have old outdated websites that have not changed with you or your clients needs.  I know because I've been there.  When I owned 2 personal training studios in Arizona, I had a client put together a site in exchange for sessions.  Not long after after he was done, our rates changed, we added new trainers, equipment and services.  Tracking him down to keep our site fresh was a nightmare - especially when he moved. Then, it was always more money and weeks to get simple changes made. So, as a result, the one place we wanted clients to go to find out everything about us, was consistently out-of-date.  Not a good impression.

In today’s world, as a trainer, a website is a must and should be the foundation of your marketing. Prospective clients expect you to have an up-to-date website. Not having a site is a bad, having one that's out-of-date is worse.  It sends the exact wrong message to potential clients.  In the personal fitness business, credibility is VERY IMPORTANT. Potential clients will shop you online before they ever agree to meet in person.  You simply cannot afford to risk making the wrong impression at that critical early stage in the sales process.

The personal training business is dynamic - ever changing and evolving. Rates, services, new certifications, client succcess stories, newsletters, locations etc...they all change.  How else can you keep your current and prospective clients informed?  Brochures are nice but they are very expensive and if you need to change even one word, you have to reprint everything. 

A flexible website that you can control and manage is the most practical and cost effective way to keep your marketing message current.

Like most good products, Websitesfortrainers.com was born of a clearly defined need.  I have experienced the frustration firsthand.  My mission with websitesfortrainers.com is simple. To help you succeed by putting you in full control of your website, the single most valuable marketing tool you have at your disposal.

Best Regards,

Matt White


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